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OJSC «Krasny pischevik» is the oldest enterprise in the confectionery industry of the Republic of Belarus. Its history begins in 1870.

The enterprise specializes in production of pastille-marmalade products (zephyr, marmalade, «chewing» marmalade, halva sunflower and peanut, toffee, dragee, sweets). The assortment list includes over 140 species. The production capacities allow producing more than 21 thousand tons of confectionery per year.

All the products are made according to the classical technology with the use of natural raw materials, and therefore has a unique taste, nutritional and biological value.

The specialists of the enterprise constantly work on expansion of assortment of production to market requirements, the improvement of packaging materials and design.

At the request of the consumer products are let loose and packaged. 98% of manufactured products are certified in the system of certification of Gosstandart of Russia and 100% in the national certification system of the Republic of Belarus.

The enterprise regularly participates in specialized international exhibitions, seminars, conferences to study a consumer's demand, new technologies and equipment
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