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  • Marmalade with cinnamon Sugarfree
300 gr

Ingredients: sweeterner maltitol, Maltitol Liquid, apple puree (apples, preservative  E 220), water-retaining agent sorbitol, gelling agent citrus pectin (stabilizer Е452i), prebiotic oligofructose; acidity regulators: сіtric acid, triple-substituted sodium citrate  (acidity regulators: сіtric acid, sodium hydrogencarbonate), glazing agent (vegetable oil, palm kernel oil, glazing agent carnauba wax, natural flavoring, Alpha tocopherol, acidity regulator, citric acid), flavoring cinnamon extract.

Contains sweeterners. May have cathartic effect at persistent misuse. 100 g of marmelade contains Maltitol – 70,6 g, oligofructose – 2,4 g, total sugar (related to sucrose) – 1,7 g.

Sugarless. Contains sugars of naturally occurring. Product with lowered caloricity (energy value). Appropriate recommended daily allowance of oligofructose use no more than 5 g.

  Permissible recommended daily allowance of oligofructose use no more than 10 g.  Produced together with Scientific and Practical Centre of the National Academy of Sciences and Food of the Republic of Belarus.  

Nutritional value per 100 g of product (average value):  proteins – 0 g fat – 0,4 g, carbohydrates (including sweeterners- polyalcohols – 78 g(74 g of  sweeterners- polyalcohols); energy value 820 kJ/ 200 kcal

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